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Calgary's only dance studio dedicated exclusively to Hip Hop!



Pulse Studios is renowned for our approach to educating the global community in the art of Hip Hop dance. We embrace the techniques and knowledge of our pioneers while inspiring students to achieve and surpass their goals, forging the future of Hip Hop. 



Calgary’s only dance studio dedicated exclusively to Hip Hop, Pulse Studios provides the community with an all-inclusive environment to learn and create. We are home to exceptional instructors and aspiring students of all skill levels.


Message from the Director


Welcome to Pulse Studios

This is a place where everyone is welcome, a place where people come to be inspired and express their creativity, a place the Hip Hop community can call home, and a place to DANCE! 

Have you ever felt you did not fit in? Have you ever wished for the freedom to express yourself? Me too! And for that, I am grateful. Those are the very things that drove me to try my first dance class! It was love at first step. I have been in love with dance ever since. Now, some 15 years later, I reflect on those early days and I can honestly say, I know what you are going through. Having never danced before, I was met with many challenges – one of which was my own self doubt. I was blessed with many amazing teachers and I had the great fortune to learn about Hip Hop and Street Dance from many pioneers who not only shaped me technically as a dancer, but also helped me to develop as an artist. I developed the confidence to pursue my goals knowing that I was on the right path. I firmly believe that the combination of great teaching and a knowledge of how things came about led me to overcome my doubts and fears, connected me to other people passionate about those same things, and allowed me to get lost in the world of Hip Hop. 

So if you, like me, have a secret wish to try this thing called Street Dance - be courageous in chasing your dreams too! Join the Pulse Studios Family! Pulse is a place where you can begin and be assured that you are getting the best of the best - where your children can grow and learn and be part of a community that will grow with you. 

— Tara Wilson


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