YYC Hustle Workshops Series: Savage & Samuelle - Oct 22

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YYC Hustle Workshops Series: Savage & Samuelle - Oct 22


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Beginner class 7pm-8:30pm
Intermediate class 8:30pm-10pm

Born in the clubs, the Hustle originally emerged from the disco era in New York City. Over time, Hustle grew with different approaches and even had different counts. Today, the Hustle is a 3 counts dance to 4 counts music. Much like Salsa, the Hustle has roots in Mambo but rather than dancing close, the Hustle integrates an ebb and flow type of partner movement; often similar to the feeling in Swing. What is unique about the Hustle is that the music is flexible, appealing to the younger demographic. Similarly, the Hustle has a versatile foundation in technique, allowing street dancers to incorporate their own flavour. This partner dance has bridged different communities together and is now growing rapidly in street dance communities around the world. Hustle is now often danced to modern music in genres such as Hip-Hop, R & B, Funk, House and of course, Disco.

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