Hustle Workshop: Kevin Semple from Ground Illusionz Crew is coming to Pulse June 11th


Sunday June 11, 2017
CLASS: 6:00PM - 7:30PM
SOCIAL: 7:30PM-10:00PM
Price: $5 for Class, $5 for Social, or $8 for Class + Social
Location: Pulse Studios

Hustle is a unique three-count partner dance danced to four-count music originating from urban clubs in the 1970s. From its inception, Hustle fused elements of various dances including Latin and disco, and was heavily influenced by popular music of the time, creating a unique social dance. To this day, Hustle is continuously evolving and is one of the few social dances born and cultivated in the U.S.

Kevin's introduction to dance was through the art of bboying at a young age. As a member of the Ground Illusionz Dance Crew, Kevin has developed his craft as well as a talent for creating positive spaces for learning. Kevin's passion for dance has lead him to study hustle in Ottawa, ON. Although still a student of the dance himself, Kevin seeks to share his knowledge to all who wish to learn.

The workshop will target the foundations of hustle, leader and follower styling, intermediate patterns and turns, and establishing the connection between leader and follower whilst adding their individual flavour to the dance.

After the class, there will be a 1.5hr social where good vibes and techniques can be shared and practiced! Lets break out the parties and cyphers hustle style! 


For further details, check out the event on Facebook.