Pulse Exclusive: Deep Marine Collagen


Take advantage of the Pulse Studios Exclusive and snag your discount on Deep Marine Collagen. Regular $110 for a 60 day supply, only at Pulse Studios can you get your hands on this supreme product for $95+GST.

Collagen is a supplement that is safe for all ages and helps to:

· Relieve joint & arthritis pain long-term without side effects
· Heal mild to severe skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, itchy skin & dry skin
· Maintain muscle mass & bone density
· Minimize head dandruff
· Clear hyperpigmentation
· Helps repair tendon and ligament injury
· Heals open wounds & sores faster
· Improve the appearance of fine lines (wrinkles)
· Improve symptoms of menopause
· Improve overall health & well being

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