Are you feeling sassy? Army of Sass will be here nightly Mar 26-29

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Showgirl Sass 

Bevel, strut and glam! Bring out your inner showgirl in this classic cabaret styled Heels Class. Perfect for a first timer but layered for those with experience. Class complete with warm up, drills, across the floor and choreography. 

Hip Hop in Heels 

Groove, rock and jam! Combining hip hop grooves with heels technique, this class bridges the best of two worlds. We'll vibe to some hip hop classics while learning the technique to help you get down in those heels. Expect warm up, grooves and choreography. 

Sensual Sass 

Slow, sensual and flow! Build your heels dance skills with a slow and sensual twist. Get in touch with the music, yourself and a new way of moving. Freestyle and floor-work to be included!

Queen Bey 

Need we say more?! Combine all of your skills in this class inspired by the Queen herself, BEYONCE. Warm up, drills and choreography to a Queen Bey classic.