July 28 Ante Up | BboyBgirl Call Out Cypher Battle


ONTOLOGIC Presents: ANTE UP Bboy/Bgirl Cypher Call Out Battle

It's time to put your money where your mouth is. Make a call out, put your chips on the line and let the judges decide the winner.

Some rules will apply, see below.

Date: Friday, July 28, 2017
Location: Pulse Studios
Time: Doors open at 9:15pm | Cyphers starts 9:30pm



How It Starts for You

1) At admission you will be categorized into ONE of THREE levels. Your level will be determined to our descretion.
· Level 1 = Beginner
· Level 2 = Intermediate
· Level 3 = Judge

2) You will then pay a BUY IN (BIN) which is your admission fee based on your level and be given chips with a specific dollar value to them. The chips will be used as "Antes" to put on the line when you battle someone.
· Level 1 = $5 BIN (5 x $1 Chips)
· Level 2 = $10 BIN (5 x $2 Chips)
· Level 3 = $10 BIN (5 x $4 Chips)

*If you take any of the workshops from earlier in that day you will get a $5 discount. Onltologic coupons will be accepted.

3) If you lose all your chips, you can buy back in at cost and recieve the same number of chips as before.

4) After admission you can start cyphering and following specific rules and guidlines the call out battles can begin.

Please read below "Rules and Guidlines" & "How a Call Out Works" We made changes from the first Ante Up to make things easier.

Rules and Guidelines:

a) You CAN only call out a level equal to or greater than your own.
b) You CANNOT refuse a call out UNLESS you have run out of chips or the chip values are greatly different.
c) Judges can roam around to different cyphers but a battle cannot commence until 1 judge volunteers to judge the battle.
d) Each call out both participants must put in 1 chip each to battle for.
e) The person being called out gets to chose the number of rounds (max 3) and can increase to prize pool by 1 chip (Ante Up)
f) The person who does the call out MUST go first
g) The value of the chips do not matter when you are battling, only when you are cashing out.
h) This is a winner takes all event. Prizes will be handed out to those who old the most chips in the end in each 3 categorize.
i) If you run out of chips you can buy back in.
j) If a judge runs out of chips they will have to buy in as a level 2 (demoted)
k) Physical contact will not be tolerated.

The Last 15 Minutes

The following battle restrictions will be lifted:
· Participants can refuse to battle
· No maximum number of rounds
· Participants can put as many chips on the line as they want too (can go "all in")
· Judges can call out level 2's

How a Call Out Works:

1) Make a call out
2) Judge will volunteer to judge the battle
3) Person being called out decides number of rounds (1-3), and number of chips being put in (1-2).
4) Battle!!!
5) Judge makes a call and chips are handed to the winner.

Calling Out a Judge:

If you disagree with the judges call you can call out the judge.
6) This is an automatic 1 round max battle.
7) Another judge will need to jump in and judge this battle.
8) The judge will put 1 chip on the line while the challenger DOES NOT have to put a chip on the line.
9) Another judge call out cannot happen after this battle, if you disagree with the results of this battle you will have to call out the judge normally and put a chip on the line as well as possibly battle for more than 1 round.
10) You CANNOT call out a judge on behalf of someone else to avoid putting up a chip.

· CatFish (Grim Reminder)
· Grim Rock (Grim Reminder)

Judges Level 3
· Nerve - Floorwookies/NOK
· Makong - Juicebox
· Funk E - Fullstyle Family
· Gomo - Floorwookies/NOK
· Mezu - O'Mighty
· NoLove - Top Rock Conspiracy

· Level 1 = $20
· Level 2 = $50
· Level 3 = $100

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