Pulse Studios Christmas Party 2017

The Pulse Annual Christmas party was once again a crazy fun success! All of our full year students shared their work so far this year, Beast Machine and Flomatk did their part to entertain the crowd of over 200 people, Team Mayhem performed, and our new friends Atlas and Kyla shared their Hustle skills with us! What a great community we have! Parents and kids enjoyed the photo booth, the craft table, the food from our neighbouring restaurants, and even Santa joined the party and had presents for all the kids at the end of the night! We’re already planning to make the party even better for next year - mark your calendars for December 9, 2018!! See you there!

Check out the photo gallery below to get a feel for what you missed if you couldn’t be there!


Wow! What a crazy day! Just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to the Pulse Christmas Party! I was amazed and just feel blessed to have so many people involved in what we are doing! :) Thank you to my whole team for all their incredible help, to the teachers who put their love, talent and commitment into all the people of all ages who came through our door. To our students who give so much, allow us to teach them and are so much fun - thank you! To the parents who support their kids, to the guest artists who drop in to inspire and invigorate all of our community, to the Beast Machine who just keep dancing (they had already done a full half hour show earlier in the day)! I love you all and can't tag every single one you <3 ! Finally, to my family and friends who keep me going, keep me laughing and without whose support I couldn't do it - it takes a village and I'm so grateful for my awesome, superhuman village!!

Master organizers and super hero managers: @dawnstarr and @kaylynberg 

Volunteers: @youthcentralyyc 

Hustle dancers: @atlasgriffith

Bboys: @teammayhemyyc

It was a goal of mine to reach out to our neighbors to promote our local businesses and they helped us so much!

Liz @mangomania for donating delicious Panacottas!

Tony @stuffityyc for delicious patties! 

@eatapita and Quesada for all the delicious snacks! 

Check them all out if you are in our neighbourhood!

I love our community! Many thanks and I hope you know you are appreciated!


Dec 11-13: Nightly POP UP Classes with Kevin Fraser - Vogueing, Waacking and Dancehall


Dec 11th at 9:30 PM - Vogue

Dec 12th at 9:30 PM - Waacking

Dec 13th at 8:30 PM - Dancehall

Dec 13th at 9:30 PM - Waacking & Vogue

There is no special registration for POP UP classes. You may drop in to any class or use your INFINITY Pass, 10 class pass or monthly unlimited pass for any POP UP class. Check out our permanent Adult Schedule here

Kevin Fraser

Kevin Fraser is a Jamaican born international Dance Artist, Actor, Event Host, Stylist and Creative Entrepreneur currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. He began his journey in dance at the age of 12. This former House of Dangerkat protegé has performed, instructed and/or competed in: New York City, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Helsinki and throughout China. He has performed with dance companies and collectives such as: House of Dangerkat (NYC), MixMix Dance Collective (Toronto), W&M Physical Theatre (Calgary), Project Soul Productions (Vancouver), Illfx Entertainment (Calgary) and Joy Titan (China). Kevin is well versed in many street dance forms including; vogue, waacking, dancehall, house, pantsula, lofting and hip hop. Kevin has also trained in classical dance forms as a former student of Ryerson University's BFa Performance Dance program. During his time at Ryerson University he trained in: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, African, Contemporary Ballet, Improv, Voice, Drama and Musical Theatre. He has worked and trained with International performance/dance artists: Kaiti Dangerkat, Benny Ninja, Archie Burnett, Danielle Polanco, Javier Ninja, Sekou Heru, Brian Green, Vicki St Denys, Nadia Potts, Karen Duplisea and Tyrone Proctor to name a few. Kevin has also been featured in performances for: MTV Canada, Much Music, Universal Records, Mad Decent Records, Major Lazer, Fools Gold Records, Ed Banger Records, New York Fashion Week and Toronto Fashion Week. He has also begun to cross over into film acting with a lead role in Manifold Pictures short films: "Agophobia", "EDICT", a supporting role in the short film "Waack Revolt" , as well as his most recent film credit, being featured as a dancer for the lifetime special "Britney: Ever After". Kevin is the co founder and co-artistic director mind behind the collective Immigrant Lessons.

Dec 18-22: Nightly Heels POP UP Classes with Saskia

Times are TBA, please check back and take a look at our schedule



Born and raised in Vancouver, Saskia's love affair with dance began with a local RAD ballet class. Years later, and after completing her Solo Seal, she joined The Source Dance Company and spent two years training and performing with them throughout BC before graduating high school.    

Since then, her career credits include working on music videos for K-Os, the Tito Deville Band, Adonis, Wan Ting, Sex with Strangers and Marianas Trench.  Her most recent work includes dancing on ABCs' Big Thunder and Fox Networks' The X-Files, and her live show credits include choreographing and performing for artists such as Meek Mill, Fabolous, Pusha T, 112 and Shy'm.  After moving overseas to dance in Paris' famed Moulin Rouge show, she has also choreographed for the iconic Carrousel de Paris as well as Moulin Rouges' Galette des Rois showcase, where she had the pleasure of setting an original piece on the Moulin Rouge stage and dancers.  As a teacher, she loves helping fellow dancers strengthen their technical bases and watching them grow as they find their own unique brand of sexy.

YYC Hustle Workshops Series: Savage & Samuelle - Oct 22

It's time for the next Hustle workshop! 

Let's get the Calgary Hustle Scene BUMPING! We’re starting a YYC HUSTLE WORKSHOP SERIES where we’re bringing in Savage & Samuelle from Vancouver to share their amazing hustle skills!! 


Next Workshop: Sunday Nov 19th

Beginner class 7pm-8:30pm
Intermediate class 8:30pm-10pm

20$ / class - includes free weekly hustle practice sessions every Sunday!!! 

Click here and reserve your spot now!

Born in the clubs, the Hustle originally emerged from the disco era in New York City. Over time, Hustle grew with different approaches and even had different counts. Today, the Hustle is a 3 counts dance to 4 counts music. Much like Salsa, the Hustle has roots in Mambo but rather than dancing close, the Hustle integrates an ebb and flow type of partner movement; often similar to the feeling in Swing. What is unique about the Hustle is that the music is flexible, appealing to the younger demographic. Similarly, the Hustle has a versatile foundation in technique, allowing street dancers to incorporate their own flavour. This partner dance has bridged different communities together and is now growing rapidly in street dance communities around the world. Hustle is now often danced to modern music in genres such as Hip-Hop, R & B, Funk, House and of course, Disco.

A unique pair, Savage and Samuelle came together in 2015 through a shared love of Hustle. These two dancers, each skilled in their respective styles of Hip Hop and Breakin’, began their Hustle journey with Boris Khramtsov at Robson Square in Vancouver where this partner dance has quickly become the Hip Hop community's go-to social style. Together, they have allowed their love for Hustle to take them on several adventures thus far. They have been taught by many established Hustle dancers, both traditional and new style, including their mentor, Alex Kim. As partners, Savage and Samuelle are currently researching ways to innovate the Hustle while maintaining a respect for its foundations. Although they emphasize technique, what fuels their passion for Hustle is the creative synergy between two people.

Kids Full Year Info


Welcome to our Full Year class program! 

My name is Tara Wilson and I am the owner and Creative Director at Pulse Studios.

I am so pleased that your child is going to be studying at Pulse for a full year, as it is my experience that kids learn best when they have consistent practice over a long period of time. I’m always amazed when I see our students in the year end show and the incredible growth that has taken place since September.

Here are a few items to take note of that will (hopefully) make life easier as we get busier and busier throughout the year:

  1. All full year students are invited to perform at our Pulse Christmas party at St. Vladimir Ukranian Orthodox Church Dec 10, 2017 from 3:30 - 6:30 PM, and of course attend the party for free. No costumes and no stress - this is an opportunity to celebrate together and share some snippets of work and accomplishments so far. Address: 404 Meredith Rd. NE T2E 5A6
  2. During Spring and Easter school breaks, we will be offering dance camps where students will explore all the streetdances as well as art, music and dance on film! We would like to offer our Full Year students 25% off on camp, 50%  off if you bring a friend! Reserve your spot now! Registration closes March 15,2018.
  3. All of our full year students will be performing in the PULSE Show June 14, 15 and 17 at the Leacock Theater at MRU. Costumes and Theater fees are included in the tuition and teachers will be organizing costumes for all students. Tickets to the show are not included in tuition. All full year students will be offered a ticket to the show they are not dancing in for 10$ - you can let us know as the time gets closer!
  4. I will be coming into classrooms during parent watching week before Christmas (Dec 11-16) and hope to have a quick chat with parents with regards to the year end show and answer any questions that may have cropped up during the first half of the year.
  5. Dress rehearsals for the show will take place in individual classes, and I will be arranging with instructors times when I can see the work they are doing and the costumes they are using during scheduled class times. In so doing, I am hoping to alleviate the stress of having everyone come on an extra day for 15 minutes just to see the pieces. Parents will not need to attend but as always I will be happy to answer any questions.
  6. Although there are 4 performances planned, each full year class will participate in only 2 of the shows. This will hopefully give all students a chance to enjoy the performance in the audience and a chance to enjoy performing! The best of both worlds! Tickets will be $20 for adults, 15$ for kids 10 and under. All kids in the full year program will be offered a ticket to the show they are not dancing in for 10$ 


· Rememberance Day  November 11, 2017
· Christmas BreakDecember 17, 2017 - January 4, 2018 
· CLASSES RESUME, January 5, 2018
· Family Day WeekendFebruary 17 - 19, 2018 
· Spring BreakMarch 19 - April 5, 2018 - COME TO CAMP!
· CLASSES RESUMEApril 6, 2018
· May Long WeekendMay 19 - 21, 2018
· PULSE ShowJune 14, 15 and 17, 2018

THE FOLLOWING CLASSES WILL PERFORM on thursday, june 14th at 7:00 pm (call time 4:30 PM) and Sunday June 17th, at 7:00 PM (call time 5:45 PM)

· Camille’s INT/ADV HIP HOP Thursday 6:30
· Scarboro BREAKING Tuesday 4:45
· Gomo’s BREAKING Tuesday 6:30
· Michael’s BREAKING Friday 5:30
· Siah’s 8 - 12 BREAKING Saturday 1:00
· Amy’s HIP HOP Saturday 2:00

THE FOLLOWING CLASSES WILL PERFORM on friday, june 15th at 7:00 PM (call time 4:30 PM) and Sunday, June 17 at 2:00 PM (call time 12:45 PM)

· Scarboro HIP HOP Thursday 3:45
· Tara’s 6 - 7 FUNK Tuesday 4:30
· Fernando’s HIP HOP Tuesday 5:30
· Siah’s 8 - 9 BREAKING Thursday 5:30
· Siah’s 6 - 7 FUNK Saturday 10:30
· Amy’s 6 - 7FUNK Saturday 11:30
· Siah’s 6 - 7BREAKING Saturday 12:15
· Amy’s 8 - 9 HIP HOP Saturday 1:00










Flomatk 2.0 Auditions: October 25


Wednesday, October 25 at 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM, Pulse Studios


Looking for a crew that feels like family, works hard on dope choreography, builds their skillset and is ready to break boundaries?? Do you want to be part of an 18+ dance crew only focused on performing? 

Come join us for FLOMATK 2.0 on Oct 25!

We are realy excited that Hannah Joelle will be creating our first piece and we want to get started right away!

Check out Hannah's choreography on the Beast Machine HERE

Rehearsals will be twice a week:

· Wednesdays 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
· Sundays 9:00 pm -10:30 pm

Not only will we perform Hannah's work, but we will also have the opportunity to work with even more of the best! Get ready to work with Tara Wilson, Caroline Lady C Fraser, Camille Darke-Shields, Ynot and many more!

If you want to put your training to the test, express yourself through performing and expand your love of dance - we want you to come and be a part of Flomatk 2.0

We are looking for dancers who:
- Are dedicated to training hard
- Have some skills in Streetdance and/or Hip Hop
- Are ready to grow and develop as a dancer
- Are looking for an open & accepting environment
- Are passionate about performing

If this is you, we'll see you on Oct 25!

FLOMATK is back!!


After a long break and by popular demand we are bringing FLOMATK back!

Do you want to dance with a group of likeminded dancers?

Are you ready to commit to taking your dance to the next level?

Come and join us Sept 20 6:30-8:30 pm and start yourself on a journey of experiencing life as a dancer who puts their training to the test!

We will create work together with our PULSE faculty and special guests. Rehearsals will be twice a week for 2 hours - get ready to dance your heart out and share your skills with audiences around the city!


Guest Instructor: Ofilio from Montreal is coming to Pulse August 13 for a House Workshop

Sunday, August 13 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Cost: $25 + GST



One of the creative directors of the Dora Award winning dance company Gadfly. Co-founder of TUDS Festival of Urban Dance Culture. 3 times finalist for KM Hunter award in Dance by Ontario Arts Council (2013, 2014, 2015). Manifesto Award recipient for Innovation & Originality. Dance Ontario recipient for Innovation. Originally from Montreal, ...