Siah Go

AKA Siahnara



Siah's journey dancing began in 2008 with breaking. As time went by, Siah dipped his toes in others styles of street dance, including: Locking, House and Hip Hop. A member of the Juicebox Crew, Wizards Crew and of course, the Pulse Studios Wrecking Crew, Siah enjoys spending his free time doing what he loves - dancing! Siah has travelled throughout North America, battling in various competitions with his crews. He brings vast experience to the Pulse Studios Team.

why do you love teaching dance?

Because dance is my passion and I want to share my passion with others. Dancing brings more purpose to my life, watching people experience the joy dancing brings to me. I enjoy watching the growth of my students and feel humbled knowing I was a part of that.

What is a fun fact no one knows about you?

I learned how to windmill when I was 9 years old!

Why do you dance?

I dance because dance makes my life worth living.

What is your favourite memory at pulse studios?

Dressing up with all the kids during Halloween week.

Siah's accomplishments:

· Freestyle Session Canada (Toronto): Won with the Wizards
· Freestyle Session World Final (Los Angeles) : Made Top 32 in the 3v3
· SkillzOmeter (Montreal) : Top 16
· One Round Killer (St.Louis): Finalist
· Stampede Ghost Riders (2013-2014)
· Now Or Never 13th Anniversary (Vancouver): Win with Wizards/Hoodz
· 2nd Place in rankings for the UBL (Universal Breaking League)