Having Problems Registering?

Let's see if we can fix that!


1) Have you looked at our schedule?

A. Every page on our website has a menu at the top. Hold your mouse over 'Services' and then choose which services you are looking for: Kids Dance Classes, Adult Dance Classes, Classes at our Downtown location, Fitness and Yoga Classes, Kids Camps and more! Click on the group for which schedule you are looking for.

B. The top of each page will show you a picture of our schedule that is colour coded based on age. Dates are listed along the top and times on the left.

2) Once you’ve chosen your class what should you do?

There are four ways to register:

1) Scroll down, right below each picture of the schedule will be a 'Register' section. This shows another form of the our schedule. This form is connected directly to MindBody, our operating system. Locate the class you which to register for and click the orange button. This may read "Register" or "Drop in" based on if you are looking at clsses offered to kids or to adults/teens. A pop-up will show a summary of your class, time, teacher and start date. Move forward by clicking the 'Next' button.

NOTE: If you see the schedule says “No Classes” on the day that your class is supposed to be it is because it may not have begun yet or it is a holiday. You can go to the previous or next week by using the buttons on the top left of the schedule or by entering a specific date in the field to the right of the navigation buttons.

2) Scroll down further from the 'Register' section until you reach the 'Dance Styles' or 'Fitness Classes' section. Here you'll find each dance style listed and a summary of each class. Click the '+' for the summary to drop down. By clicking on the images, you'll be able to watch a video of each dance style or class. Below each summary will be buttons that will read either "Register" or "Drop in." Click the button for the class style you wish to take and you will be redirected to MindBody. Here you will be shown the full schedule based on the class style you chose. Select the class time you prefer and register.

3) At the very bottom of each page, the very last thing is a 'MindBody Client Login' button. By clicking this button you will be redirected to our MindBody scheudle and able to register for all Kids and Adult/Teen Classes.

4) NOTE: This only applies to Kids Classes. From any page, at the very top is our menu. On the far right side click 'Kids Registration' you will be redirected to our MindBody scheudle and able to register for all Kids Classes.

3) What is MindBody?

A. MindBody is our operating system where we schedule classes, camps, workshops, guest artists and more. It is through MindBody that all classes, camps, etc. are registered and purchases can be made for anything offered in the studio.

B. MindBody is client friendly meaning you can create an account and schedule yourself for classes or make your own purchases. MindBody is also the operating system for other studios and can be used to register for a wide variety of classes, courses and other activities.

4) Signing up for MindBody

A. MindBody is a free program to use!

B. Signing up is simple just like you do for anything else; email, password, contact info, profile info, etc. You can create an account quickly by clicking the 'MindBody Client Login' button at the very bottom of any page on our website and registering on MindBody.

NOTE: This program is meant for each client attending class at the studio, not for the parent or whomever paying is for it; therefore, if you are registering mutiple children or for yourself as well, you will each need a seperate account created. This is to help maintain correct records of sign in, payment, cancellations, etc.