Kids Full Year Info


Welcome to our Full Year class program! 

My name is Tara Wilson and I am the owner and Creative Director at Pulse Studios.

I am so pleased that your child is going to be studying at Pulse for a full year, as it is my experience that kids learn best when they have consistent practice over a long period of time. I’m always amazed when I see our students in the year end show and the incredible growth that has taken place since September.

Here are a few items to take note of that will (hopefully) make life easier as we get busier and busier throughout the year

  1. All of our full year students will be performing in the PULSE Show June 13 and 14 at the Bella Concert Hall at MRU. Costumes and Theater fees are included in the tuition and teachers will be organizing costumes for all students. Tickets to the show are not included in tuition. Tickets are 25$ for adults, 20$ for children and will be available through the MRU box office website.

  2. Full cast rehearsals for the show will take place on Sunday May 12 and Sunday June 8 from 9:30-12. We will be learning an opening number as well as the finale on these days.

  3. Students will be required to stay for the duration of the show. Teachers will have drop off spots in the lobby of the theater and will escort dancers to the backstage area. Parents will not be permitted in the backstage area unless there is an emergency. Students will then be picked up in the lobby at the end of the show. Parents will meet their children at the pickup spot with their teacher.

DATES TO REMEMBER - no kids classes:

· Family Day Weekend Feb 16-18, 2019
· Spring Break March 22-29, 2019 COME TO CAMP!
· Easter Break April 18-24 , 2019 
· May Long Weekend May 18-20, 2019
· LAST DAY OF CLASSES June 10, 2019
· PULSE Show June 13 &14, 2019

Mandatory full cast rehearsals:

· Sunday May 12 9:30-12pm
· Sunday June 8 9:30-12pm