Fernando Campos

AKA Nando

Fernando is an artist, who continues to seek growth, inspiration and motivation to create opportunities for himself and for his students. He enjoys travelling for dance, competing, taking workshops and watching world class dancers in person whenever he can. Nando enjoys teaching all ages and all levels of dance.

why do you love teaching dance?

I love teaching because I enjoy bringing expression, release and movement to people. My goal is to translate how music and dance makes me feel to inspire to my students.

What is a fun fact no one knows about you?

I used to be a boxer growing up, until I was 17 years old and gave it up to become a dancer! I was a Golden Gloves champion in 2010.

Why do you dance?

Many reasons! My love for music, creativity, pushing the human body, and just the feelings and emotions that you could receive when dancing or watching dance.

What is your favourite memory at pulse studios?

Sitting in on amazing guest instructors not necessarily teaching dance but sharing their life stories and history! From people like Honey Rockwell, Orko, Sweepy, Mr. Wiggles, Marjory Smarth, Popin Pete, Suga Pop, Moshe, Lazy Legs!!! Just to name a few ;)

Fernando's accomplishments:

· Janet Jackson Unbreakable Concert Edmonton - 2015
· Word of Dance LA, 1st place Champion - 2015
· World of Dance Vancouver, 3rd place - 2015
· Hip Hop International, representing Canada - 2014 (Top 10)
· Artist Emerge Calgary, 1st place All Star Category - 2015
· Battle City, Finalist - 2013
· Extra Credit, 1st place All Styles - 2013
· Line of Champions, 1st place - Juicebox Crew
· Breakfast Television CTV
· Global News - Unity Charity
· Omni TV - Global Fest