Edward Campbell

AKA Bboy Funk-E



Reliable and Effective. Edward has desire to evoke and engage feelings through art. Dance, Design, illustration, concepts, and videos are the communication mediums he likes to play with for creative delivery.

why do you love teaching dance?

I love teaching because it makes me feel helpful to other human beings sharing through a common fun activity we love that also can be used as a medium to canalize.

What is a fun fact no one knows about you?

I had the wildest braces in my childhood that I have no pictures of.

Why do you dance?

I dance because it reminds me of the moments I shared with the people I love and it makes me happy to help people through something that I love. In the world we live in, dance is the key to letting go of the way the world is changing. Dance helps me challenge myself and is a gift.

What is your favourite memory at pulse studios?

Driving the buses for the Change the Game Event and Breaking in my first days of my Calgarian life with Gomo and Vince.

Eddie's accomplishments:

· Ecau/First centroamerican Hip Hop JAM, Salvador 2005 - 1st place showcase
· Battle of the year Centroamerica 2010, Panama All Star Crew Lil Nation - Semi Finals Battles
· Breakin the Law 2011, Madisson Wisconsin
· Breakin the Law 2012, Madisson Wisconsin
· Battle Born Anniversary 2012, Las Vegas - Top 32 Prelims
· Stakes is high, Calgary, Canada 2015 - Top 8
· The Flyest, Calgary, Canada 2015 - Top 16
· Change the Game, Calgary, Canada 2015 - Top 8
· Battle Royale MRU, Calgary, Canada 2016 - 2nd place
· The Flyest, Sponsored by Ontologic, Calgary, Canada - Top 16
· Auditions I CAN DANCE 2017
· Silverback Open, Philadelphia 2017 - Prelims 1v1
· Youth Olympic Couch for Bgirl Jaybird, Pound it Hip Hop Studio at Silverback Open, Philadelphia - 2017