Dawn Tello

AKA Mama Thug


office manager & Beast machine parent coordinator

I have been with Pulse since the beginning as all of my four children and myself have danced at Pulse throughout the years! I also run my own esthetics business, which I have been doing for 21 years. 

why do you love teaching dance?

Do you mean being a mom?? Lol! I love my job at Pulse because of all the great people here , the music and I love numbers!

What is a fun fact no one knows about you?

I competed in Little Miss Sunridge back in the day. I was 10 years old.

Why do you dance?

Tara makes me dance in the parent piece every year – and its great exercise!

What is your favourite memory at pulse studios?

Watching my kids dance, perform and compete together. I love that they have a dance family from all their time at Pulse and they can share it with each other.

Dawn's accomplishments:

· Mom of four and still have all my hair…
· 20 years small business management
· Numerous esthetic awards