Beast Machine

Youth Training & Performance Dance Company

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Beast Machine (BM) is a dance company for dancers aged 8 – 18 who wish to push their dance skills to the next level. This tuition based program is designed to develop the dancer in many areas of performance and improvisation. Emphasis will be on exploring all the dance styles that are encompassed by Hip Hop culture, as well as team building, and working within a community of dancers in order to support and encourage each other to achieve our best.

There are two BM divisions based on age and experience:

·     8 - 12: Beast Machine Supremes (experience: two years or less)
·     13 - 18: Beast Machine SuperSOUL (experience: two or more years with a clear understanding of Hip Hop skills)

The Experience

Beasts work towards a variety of experiences including battles, competitions and performances.

If it wasn’t for BM, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, Montreal, etc. We also wouldn’t have had the chances to meet most of the pioneers of street dance culture. Through BM we have met the first popping crew, The Boogaloos, some of the original lockers, Elite Force Crew and many famous bboys from across the world. Throughout many years with BM, multiple new relationships came to be and knowledge has been built.
— Danaya & Veronika
I have been dancing with Beast Machine for a year and a half. During this time I feel that the training program has helped me develop in dance. I like that we are consistently exposed to professional dancers, and once in a lifetime opportunities. This helps me get the most out of the program, and expand as a person and dancer. An example of this is when we were given the opportunity to go to the Electric Boogaloo Camp and Freestyle Sessions Battle in Los Angeles. This really showed me what a large scale battle was like, as well as allowed me to absorb new knowledge and ideas from the founders of Hip Hop.

The intensive 3+ times a week training and many performance opportunities have really had an impact on me as a dancer. It has made me more confident, and has enabled me to have better technique. It has educated me on Hip Hop culture and the origin of what I am learning.This program has really helped me see dance not just as movement but as an art style that takes energy, knowledge and self to create and bring to its fullest.

One of the things I love most about the program is the environment, it allows everyone to learn and create, knowing that they are not being judged and have a crew behind them to support their decisions. This gives anyone who is willing to be dedicated a huge opportunity to learn about dancing and what dancing means to them and those around them.
— Adam C.

The Commitment 

Beast Machine is a full year commitment with regular weekly training that runs from September to end of June. The year-long commitment is designed to allow dancers to fully benefit from the dance company. The program includes regular rehearsals and private company classes with a carefully selected BM training team.

Each Season kicks off with Celebrity Summer Camp featuring special guest artisits in August.

Company Class:

·     Supremes & SuperSOUL: Mondays & Wednesdays 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM


·     Supremes: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
·     SuperSOUL: 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Dancers will set personal goals and develop a sense of personal responsibility towards their training. Each dancer plays an integral role in the crew and as such expectations of regular attendance and an enthusiastic work ethic are critical. Dancers are asked to challenge themselves and strive for excellence in all aspects of their dance training. 

How to Join

Everyone is welcome! Beast Machine is a tuition based company, auditions are not required.

If you or your children are interested in joining Beast Machine, please contact us to schedule an interview with Creative Director, Tara Wilson. We ask that you contact us prior to May 1st to join the following season. Each season runs September - June. 

The interview is a means to assess each dancers' personal goals and expectations to ensure the program can help the dancers acheive these goals.