May 29 - June 1: Troy Sexton from STOMP will be in the studio working with the Beast Machine


Troy Sexton

Troy Sexton is a dancer, drummer, beatboxer, teacher, motivational speaker and performer with high energy and a positive personality.

At the age of 19, Troy joined the cast of the international percussion sensation STOMP. He was the youngest, and only Canadian performer in the history of STOMP.  Through his tenure, he performed many roles on the show, including the lead performance role, and the rehearsal director for the company. Troy has performed with STOMP in countless countries all over the world for the past 10 years.

Troy currently divides his time between performing in international STOMP tours and running his Rhythm Works business out of his hometown of Toronto. Recently, Troy has become involved in “BluePrintForLife” (Calgary, AB), award-winning social outreach group providing hip hop culture opportunities for schools and youth correction facilities.

Notable TV credits include Dancing with the stars (Poland), So You Think You Can Dance (Australia), Much On Demand (Canada), We Day 2010 (Canada) Zoink’d (Canada, YTV), as well as music videos for artists Rich KiddThe Used and USS.

Troy’s infectious positivity and passion for dance is obvious as he inspires audiences to listen to their gut and do what they love.

June 3: Come rain or shine, Pulse Studios & Beast Machine will be at the 29th Annual Lilac Festival


Drop by the Pulse Studios booth and check out the Beast Machine as they perform some of their best choreography. 

Calgary's HOTTEST Festival is Sunday June 3rd 2018 - the 29th Annual 4th Street Lilac Festival. This free one day event is the start up to Calgary's vibrant festival season, and encourages citizens to shake off their winter blues and reintroduce themselves to the thriving creative community in our city. 

May 12: Beast Machine 90s Pub Night - ALL ARE WELCOME


The Beast Machine is scheduled to go to the home of Hip Hop, NYC in 2019. The goal is to experience where Hip Hop was born and learn from the Pioneers.

Come join us at the Black Swan Ale House for a 90s dance party! Tickets are only $20 and include an all-night food buffet - drinks are not included. There will be tons of dancing, oodles of food, thousands of laughs and a silent auction to help raise funds for the Beast Machine!

To get your tickets, please email Tara at

We hope to see you there!

June 9 - Beast Machine & Flomatk are performing at the Inglewood Night Market



The Inglewood Night Market is a modern day market that occurs every second Friday in the summer months in Calgary Alberta. Each event hosts over 50 local vendors selling diverse goods from handmade craftsmen items to vintage clothing, antiques & collectibles, artisan eats & more! You’ll also find food trucks, singer songwriters, bands, dancers, outdoor seating, and other fun things to check out!

Our home is the beloved Inglewood Neighbourhood just off 9th Avenue and 10th street!

Friday, June 9 - Beast Machine and Flomatk are performing!

April 19-23 Bboy YNOT is working with the Beasts through art workshops


About YNOT

"Mostly I chill.. .rarely I sleep." - YNOT

Anthony Denaro, M.F.A, aka YNOT, explores the design, sustainability, history, and community of hip hop. Through a futurist lens, YNOT’s work manifests in architecture, typography, dance, moving image, and music.

Senior Vice President of the legendary Rock Steady Crew, YNOT’s reputation in the dance world precedes him. As a B-boy, he works internationally at judging battles and teaching workshops. He has performed by invitation at Juste Debout, Jacob’s Pillow, on Dancing with the Stars, and in Rennie Harris’ Pure Movement. 

In YNOT’s vision of the sustainability of hip hop, teaching and mentorship are paramount. Currently, his classes can be found on a workshop basis internationally, as well as online and in person through Arizona State University, where he teaches Urban Dance Techniques and Introduction to Urban Stylized Lettering.

Alongside his dancing and teaching, YNOT creates two and three dimensional visual works that construct the future of the Hip Hop aesthetic. His most recent work is a wooden chair fashioned to resemble a Graffiti letter ’S’. The S Chair was recentlyy on display at the MonOrchid gallery in Phoenix.