Vince Truong

Vince Truong started dancing in his mid twenties after a friend had asked him if he would be interested in taking Breaking classes at Latin Corner studio. The initial lure was to learn powermoves and freezes but his experience exposed him to a culture rich dance community right here in Calgary. His career down the entrepreneurship road started just after completing his undergraduate program at the University of Calgary. Vince decided to pursue an unconventional route to grow as a dancer and be educated in street dance styles such as breaking (Bboying) and House dance. His inspiration to start a dance studio emerged after sensing the lack of street dance classes offered in Calgary. Calgary is known to have a vibrant urban dance community, but there just was not a place to call home.
“As Marketing Director, I get to conceptualize creative and fun projects, and then put them into action. I develop marketing campaigns, and branding strategies for the studio and work with our talented and inspiring team.”
Vince’s goal is to continue to grow the local scene by organizing local, national, and international dance events and competitions. With over 30+ events organized over the last few years, be on the lookout for things happening in and around Pulse Studios.

Bboy |Marketing Director | Event Coordinator

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