Gill Co

Gill Co is passionate about connecting people and sharing her love for dance through Pulse. Considered to have had a late start in dance, she was inspired by the local urban dance scene through her initial experiences with Breaking workshops and attending local jams and battles in the early 2000’s. This sparked what would be a life changing decision to build a space and foster a community where people could create, innovate, aspire to inspire, and connect people through dance and street dance culture. As a dancer, Gill has trained with some of the world’s biggest names in street dance and has performed on many different stages including festivals, fundraisers, galas, and other functions throughout the city. Gill is dedicated to creating opportunities to share the many aspects of street dance that make it such a powerful and positive outlet for self expression; whether it be through events, shows, battles, and or dance classes. As co-owner/founder Gill wears multiple hats at Pulse from managing daily operations, bookings, designing promotions, and producing events. If she is not working you can catch her in class!

Dancer | Operations Director

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