Breaking is considered the original dance of Hip Hop. It is commonly referred to as B-Boying or B-Girling and NOT breakdance/breakdancing (Commerical term) and originates from the Bronx, New York City by African and Latino youth. Elements of Breaking may be seen dating back further than the 1970s but developed as a street dance in the 70s. This art form is commonly broken down of Top Rock, Go Downs/Entrances, Footwork, Transitions, Freezes and Power Moves. The Breaking classes focus on understanding the style and mechanics of all these elements.
Learn to Windmill, Swipe, Charlie Rock, and Chair Freeze.

Break Instructors

  • Bboy Gomo
  • Bboy Emperior Siah

*Students taking Power Moves classes should have a good understanding of all the Breaking elements before attending this class.